Key Skills Driving School
Key Skills Driving School

Serving all Valley Locations… Anthem, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Avondale, Surprise and everything in between


Learn from military Veterans with 29 years combined service and experience teaching over 1000 drivers. Our goal is to teach you the best skills to get you started on a lifetime of safe, accident-free driving in as little time as possible.

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Key Skills Driving School has always maintained the highest standards in training, customer service and satisfaction. We believe in giving our students the best. While you can always take our word for it, you don’t have to. Read what some of our students are saying about us online!

On November 25 2018, Juana Carrillo

I had a great time, I learned a lot during my lessons and was helped out by a great driving teacher.

On November 25 2018, Lama Abdin

I am very happy to enroll in this school, very professional team very kind. I recommend everyone to enroll in this school. Many thanks.

On November 24 2018, Angie Vober

They take time to make sure that you know everything you need to know about driving.

On November 18 2018, Bianca

Throughout my lessons I learned so much that would help me in my everyday driving. My instructor had nothing but patience with me and my driving, making it easier for me to be comfortable which improved my driving. I appreciate all that I learned and I appreciated the treatment along the way. 🙂

On November 12 2018, Lily Ellis

Everyone who gave me lessons or answered my calls were insanely kind and helpful, i’m very grateful for everyone’s patience and advice when teaching me.

On November 11 2018, Matthew Ruiz

People are really nice and enjoyed the classes, learned a lot from them

On November 10 2018, Makayla McCuiston

Key Skills Driving School has helped improve my confidence on the road tremendously. I had so much fun! Great school and great instructors!

On November 09 2018, Pierson Young

Instructor did a very good job of explaining rules and safety precautions, and was very helpful to get more comfortable driving.

On November 08 2018, Blessing

I recommend this driving school to all; it is great and have nice instructors.

On November 05 2018, Cora Ebaugh

The school was GREAT!! I learned lots of new parking,Driving, situation techniques that will help me for the rest of my driving days! I’m so thankful for this opportunity to be able to learn from such great teachers! Would definitely recommend

On October 31 2018, Xavier Wayts

This was a great experience! This course improved my driving skills greatly 10/10 would recommend!

On October 27 2018, Mackaria

These st weeks of driving have been amazing and I have learned so much.

On October 25 2018, Jaiya Hubbard

My instructor Tim was extremely helpful and I am so thankful. I was extremely nervous with driving and now I’m extremely confident and he also made the whole experience educational by giving me honest feedback so I knew what to work on between lessons.Thank you so much Tim.

On October 17 2018, Jacob

The best decision I have made in a long time this course really help me understand what to do driving and they set me up to do great things thanks so much!

On October 15 2018, Olga Orlova

I was very lucky to get a teacher, Tim Cline. I got a lot of information and driving practice in a different situation. After my first lesson with him, I started to drive confidently. Excellent teacher and a very good opportunity to learn how to drive a car. I recommend Tim for all unsure and nervous drivers. You will surely enjoy his lessons.

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