Key Skills Driving School
Key Skills Driving School

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Learn from military Veterans with 29 years combined service and experience teaching over 1000 drivers. Our goal is to teach you the best skills to get you started on a lifetime of safe, accident-free driving in as little time as possible.

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Observation and Perception: The Keys to Safe Driving

29 Apr, 2018

Driving requires you to bring your whole game — you’ll be using your hands, legs, feet, arms, head, eyes, and ears. They all play a role to keep you and others safe. You also need to bring your mind. Your mind maybe the most important part of good driving, because it makes sense of what’s […]

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What Do New Drivers in Phoenix, AZ Need to Learn?

5 Feb, 2018

It goes without saying that new drivers have a lot to learn. In order to become safe drivers, new drivers need to learn and practice a range of skills. Many of those skills take practice—meaning that inexperienced drivers are learning on the roads. People learn these skills from parents, guardians, spouses, as well as from […]

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Driver Education in Phoenix, AZ: Becoming the Best Driver

20 Jan, 2018

Driving is a skill—really, a set of skills. Like all skills, it requires both training and practice. You have to be aware of what’s going on around you—situational awareness is the fancy term—and you need to coordinate your senses and your body to respond to what happens on the road—sometimes in a split second. Obtaining […]

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