Key Skills Driving School
Key Skills Driving School

Serving all Valley Locations… Anthem, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Avondale, Surprise and everything in between


Learn from military Veterans with 29 years combined service and experience teaching over 1000 drivers. Our goal is to teach you the best skills to get you started on a lifetime of safe, accident-free driving in as little time as possible.

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Key Skills Driving School has always maintained the highest standards in training, customer service and satisfaction. We believe in giving our students the best. While you can always take our word for it, you don’t have to. Read what some of our students are saying about us online!

On May 29 2019, Hailey Kooser

It was a really good experience. I had a lot of fun doing the lessons and everything was really nice and organized. 

On May 28 2019, Jordan Korer

My teacher was super nice and never put me in scenarios I wasn’t ready for. Really understanding people who are always there to work with you! Eli West was awesome! 

On May 26 2019, camilla king

my instructor was really great and gave me all the feedback i needed to succeed! 

On May 20 2019, Anniah Ponzo

I loved getting to know Tim and building a relationship with him while I drove. He taught me how to do a 3 point turn which I was terrified to do and he was just so calm and that helped with learning. The way he teaches is so unique because he has a calming personality that is easy to learn from. I really enjoyed all the time that I spent with him. I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before. 

On May 19 2019, Sierra Guenther

Awesome and super helpful! I’m a confident driver now!

On May 17 2019, Nikitha

Very good driving school where one will get to learn from the basics especially when one gets to choose behind the wheel driving classes. The instructor Tim, is very good at teaching the students. I recommend this for everyone to be a good driver…:) 

On May 12 2019, Ganesh

Hurray! passed my driving test today with Key Skills driving school, thanks to Eli. What an amazing instructor he is! Eli is a great teacher, not only did he teach me to drive but also taught me how to drive responsibly and safely. His patience and attention to detail are awesome and really helped me feel relaxed. I was nervous when I started but now I feel very comfortable and confident after taking classes. Eli is very patient , helpful and encouraging which lead me to drive confidently. I have not only learnt valuable driving skills from Eli, but have enjoyed the entire process and his company throughout. Eli is a fantastic instructor and will always highly recommend him to everyone I know who is learning to drive. Thank you so much Eli!! 

On May 10 2019, Summerlin Friedman

pretty good shtuff I’m a lot more confident now 

On May 08 2019, Vartika Sharma

Amazing and patient teacher! The position criticism helps build your confidence and drives you towards perfection. Would definitely recommend it people trying to learn driving to a later stage of their lives and lacks confidence. 

On May 04 2019, Hayley

These lessons changed my driving so much! 

On April 28 2019, Amina

Eli was my instructor. He was so helpful and very kind. I learned a lot thanks to him. Such an amazing driving school 🙂

On April 28 2019, Sarah

Much more confident, and much safer than before the lessons.

On April 28 2019, Chanel Hayes

This was the best experience ever!! Definitely recommend and Earlie was an awesome teacher

On April 24 2019, Sebastian mancha

This company really is good for teaching how to drive safely especially for young teens 

On April 22 2019, Jake Naraine

eli was a great driving instructor. he was patient with me and always helped me when i needed it 

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