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Key Skills Driving School

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Learn from military Veterans with 29 years combined service and experience teaching over 1000 drivers. Our goal is to teach you the best skills to get you started on a lifetime of safe, accident-free driving in as little time as possible.

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Key Skills Driving School has always maintained the highest standards in training, customer service and satisfaction. We believe in giving our students the best. While you can always take our word for it, you don’t have to. Read what some of our students are saying about us online!

On September 28 2017, Ariana Nemeth

This is the best driving school ever. Tim is so amazing and such a great teacher. He made it so easy and comfortable for me to learn how to drive. If your looking for a driving school choose key skills driving I promise you won’t regret it. Plus they have discounts so that’s always a plus as well. Thank you guys for teaching me how to drive 😀

On September 27 2017, Alexis Chambers

Excellent driving certified trainers who explain eaisly and understandable on what i need to improve on.

On September 27 2017, Orlando Osorio

That this driving school changed me. I’m 20 years old, hadn’t touched a car due to my crippling anxiety of being behind a wheel. I walked everywhere and only applied to jobs within walking distance to my home. So when my Stepfather signed me up for Key Skills Driving School, I was hesitant to be honest but it was time I learned how to drive and disapate my fears. My first lesson had me all nervous and jittery behind the wheel, but my certified trainer Earlie had faith in me and taught me about left and right turns, how to drive out on the road even the freeway! I never imagined going that far in the first 2 hour lesson but I’m glad he did. I was more comfortable for lesson two, when Earlie let me drive all the way to Greenfield so I could practice how to perpendicular turn into a parking spot as well as learning how to parallel park. The third lesson consisted of practicing a DMV certified route and I was surprised with myself, Earlie had told me that I had gotten 100/100 on the practice run. I couldn’t believe it! This school and certified trainer had helped me overcome my fear of driving and opened a new road of freedom to me. Now today on my fourth lesson, I drive to the DMV and aquired my license, along with some extra practice. Key Skills Driving School and it’s awesome certified trainer Earlie changed my life for the better and I’m really grateful for coming here.

On September 26 2017, Daniel Malutan

I totally loved these lessons. Had a great time with my certified trainers. I was not nervous because we shared laughs and while doing that I learned to be a great driver. Thanks to my great certified trainers!

On September 23 2017, Nereraj Bahl

Key Skills Driving school’s driving course was the excellent course I could ask for. Early and Tim were very professional certified trainers who taught me safe and confident driving. Before joining their course, I did not know how to drive, and now I can drive confidently and I feel so safe to drive in neighborhoods, roads and freeways. They covered all the safety and other scenarios. Learning the parking, parallel parking, etc was very important part of the course. Thanks very much to both of you. I strongly recommend Key Skills Driving school to every new, intermediate or experienced driver!

On September 23 2017, Dominic Cosentino

I loved the friendliness of my driving advisors and the coolness of them. No matter what problems there were they always stayed calm and told me what I needed to do better. They have turned me into the driver I am today.

On September 22 2017, Tatiara Manning

Key Skill is an amazing Driving school. I mean it’s an experience everybody should experience. Signing up was fast and easy. Great prices, Earlie was very nice & easy to work with. MJ was my certified trainer she was AMAZING, patient, she worked with me, went over things with me over and over until I got it and I was so comfortable the whole time with her! I’m so happy I did driving school it made my life easier.

On September 21 2017, Maryssa Tercero

Thank you to Key Skills because now I don’t have anxiety on the road!

On September 21 2017, Ya Ling Chen

I have completed the driving lessons today! I have improved driving skills and felt comfortable and safe to drive in street. Thanks Earlie,Tim and Jami, they did a good job with their patient. I am very happy to take these lessons and can drive now!

On September 20 2017, Daniel Pedregon

This was a great experience. My certified trainer Brent was awesome. He helped me feel calm, relaxed and safe. I am now a confident driver. I recommend Key Skills Driving School to anyone that wants to learn how to drive.

On September 20 2017, Jaci Jackson

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot about driving in the four classes I took than I have in the few months of practice. My certified trainer was wonderful, she was patient and calm throughout the lessons and gave me great tips on how to improve my techniques, mainly my steering. All in all, I had a wonderful experience with this course, I plan on recommending it to anyone who needs to learn to drive or is looking to better their driving.

On September 19 2017, Hayley Anderson

Way more than I expected, I feel so confident driving because of everything I learned. Amazing experience, and couldn’t have gotten it at a different driving school!

On September 16 2017, Ahmad Duker

I am grateful for the lessons that have been taught to me, I am glad I get to know about the streets and to learn about defensive driving 👍

On September 13 2017, Christin Whitney

I love this program! I feel so comfortable on the road thanks to my certified trainer jami! I recommend this driving school.

On September 13 2017, Dawson Neese

This program is awesome and I’m glad I chose them to teache me how to drive. They have an outstanding staff who is very kind, patient, and helpful.

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