Key Skills Driving School
Key Skills Driving School

Serving all Valley Locations… Anthem, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Avondale, Surprise and everything in between


Learn from military Veterans with 29 years combined service and experience teaching over 1000 drivers. Our goal is to teach you the best skills to get you started on a lifetime of safe, accident-free driving in as little time as possible.

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Key Skills Driving School has always maintained the highest standards in training, customer service and satisfaction. We believe in giving our students the best. While you can always take our word for it, you don’t have to. Read what some of our students are saying about us online!

On May 26 2018, Lisa Gray

This service is so amazing, I love the way the instructors teach me. He is very patient, I want to say thank to u guys.

On May 26 2018, Ryan Patton

It was worth it because I learned enough to feel more comfortable on the road and I feel confident to take the test.

On May 27 2018, Tanner Hanson

This was a great experience. Had a fun time learned a lot from the course. I will be recommending this to my friends that haven’t/aren’t driving yet.

On May 29 2018, Maren Haakensen

I think learning to drive from Key Skills has been great. Both the instructors I had are really good and they make driving more fun and calm:)

On May 31 2018, Francisco Martinez

It was a wonderful experience and a very welcoming environment. The instructor was patient and ensured I was ready for the test.

On April 01 2018, Keyiana Manning

Tim is very nice and thought me everything he was very calm threw out the lesson The test was very easy.

On April 01 2018, Suranjitha Avasarala

I had zero experience in driving the key Skills driving school and the instructor early west has made me as excellent driver. I am an experienced Driver in Arizona.Thanks to Key Skills driving school.

On April 08 2018, Lauren Chen

This was my first experience with a driving school, and it’s definitely worth it. I had 3 different instructors, and each one was kind and patient, despite my lack of experience, and guided me well through my first few weeks of driving. With their guidance, I slowly went from barely being able to drive with a cruising speed, to being able to drive in just about any circumstance, including the once-daunting freeways. I’d definitely recommend going here if there’s any hesitation with driving or learning how to drive.

On April 10 2018, Carlos Alvarez

Excellent instructors and extremely helpful. I definitely recommend it to everybody that needs to learn how to drive.

On April 14 2018, Sydney Stevens

I learned so much during this course and I definitely saw improvement from the beginning to the end. Amazing teachers loved all of them.

On April 15 2018, Parker Lischwe

I had an excellent experience and learned a lot during my time with Key Skills. My proctor was great and we had great conversations to fill the driving time. After practicing and passing the test with their help I feel much more confident and safe on the road. 5/5 stars

On April 17 2018, Hailey Fair

I had an absolutely amazing experience with key skills driving, both of my instructors brent and mj were wonderful and patient instructors, they really took the time to slow down and explain things im 100% sure i wouldn’t of got on my own thank you so much mj and brent!!

On April 18 2018, Joseph Chamberlain

I had an amazing experience learning what I need to know from my instructors. I hope that others will feel the same way.

On April 20 2018, Bernadette Mitchell

These lessons were great and very helpful !tips were very useful ! & teaching styles are calm and relieving of stress . Definitely recommend to any new semi new drivers!

On April 21 2018, Nikki Diaz

Before my lessons I didn’t have much confidence in my driving skills, this school helped me gain confidence in driving and taught me to drive safely.

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